Leader: Richard Siegal (D/F/USA), artistic direction
Co-leader: Christine Peters (D), theory

Title: If/Then methodology (© Richard Siegal, 2004)

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In this workshop, the participants will be integrated directly in an actual creative process, by applying the If/Then methodology (© Richard Siegal, 2004):

If/Then is a game based syntactical choreographic system. The games are composed of simple gestures and rules, very binary - if you do x, then I do y....- and each game is differentiated by content; some contain only movement, others include only text, while still others have both movement and text. 

Each game shares a common configuration, or "hub", that links it to another game (a spatial relationship, a repetition of elements, etc.) which leads to non-linear narratives and performances with multiple structural itineraries and multiple conclusions.

Although in this systems-based choreographic methodology the vocabulary and relationships between the vocabularies are defined, ideally the work should share with improvisation a high degree of autonomy for the performers.

In the spirit of engaging the politics of creative endeavor "Framing" in this workshop context thus would enter a political dimension, in the sense of "Framing Relationships:  Cooperation, Coordination and Interdependence".

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